Beiwar + Bejan | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Beiwar and Bejan originally planned to come down from Nashville the first of October when the warmth of summer was still lingering, but rain caused us to have to postpone things until the end of the month. Well, the day

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Baby Parker and Fam | Chattanooga Family Photographer

So, I just realized this little family kind of dominates the most recent posts. It’s mostly because I’m a lazy blogger, but also because they just look so good in front of my camera so I just have to share


Jay, Meagan and Nora | Chattanooga Family Photographer

Man, I love taking pictures of these people and these photos didn’t disappoint. Little Nora is expecting a baby brother in a couple of months so we went out to celebrate the bump and did one last family session as

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Mike + Jenna | Chattanooga Engagement Photographer

Such a privilege to spend some time with Jenna and Mike and make some photos of their ever growing love. I remember life and the Millsaps family before Jenna even existed. They have always been my second family, extra siblings

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Wes + Emily | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

I wasn’t supposed to know Wes and Emily…but apparently I am supposed to know them. Wes emailed me a few days back asking if I was possibly available to photograph their wedding…next week! Circumstances out of their control had them

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Eleni + Francis | Chattanooga Family Photographer

Eleni contacted me for a last minute session right before Christmas for her and her little guy and I’m glad she did. I had a great time photographing their love and snuggles…and Francis’ tongue (he likes to stick it out

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Chris + Christan | Chattanooga Engagement Photographer

Sometimes people just look good in front of the camera. These two definitely do. Might have something to do with being ridiculously talented behind the camera too. And what better place than acres and acres of Christmas trees to get

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The Fryes | Chattanooga Family Photographer

Man. I really love family sessions. As I was editing these photos and laying out this post I am staring at my computer in a room by myself and grinning like an idiot. My family is so important to me

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Justin + Alyse | Homestead at Cloudland Station | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Wedding Venue: Homestead at Cloudland Station The incredible floral design was done by Liza at Fox and Fern.

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Tommy and Rachel | Chattanooga Photographer

Tommy and Rachel came down to Chattanooga from Nashville to visit the city last week. Being super talented photographers themselves they wanted some photos while they were here. So, Amanda and I made it a double date and met them

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The Moncriefs | Chattanooga Family Photographer

Jimmy and Brittany are a few days away from adding one to the family, so we went out earlier this week and made some photos to celebrate…and then got some necessary Mexican food. They’re beautiful inside and out and we’re

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Madi | Chattanooga Senior Photographer

Writing something for these posts doesn’t come easily for me. So I’ll just say that I had a lot of fun with Madi making these photos. I knew it was gonna go well before we even started. I hope you

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Timmy and MaryLynn | Maternity

Well, Timmy and MaryLynn are just days away from being Timmy, MaryLynn and Sydney and I can’t wait to meet her. These pictures have been tucked away on a hard drive for nearly two months now (along with lots of

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