Baby Parker and Fam | Chattanooga Family Photographer

So, I just realized this little family kind of dominates the most recent posts. It’s mostly because I’m a lazy blogger, but also because they just look so good in front of my camera so I just have to share


Jay, Meagan and Nora | Chattanooga Family Photographer

Man, I love taking pictures of these people and these photos didn’t disappoint. Little Nora is expecting a baby brother in a couple of months so we went out to celebrate the bump and did one last family session as

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Eleni + Francis | Chattanooga Family Photographer

Eleni contacted me for a last minute session right before Christmas for her and her little guy and I’m glad she did. I had a great time photographing their love and snuggles…and Francis’ tongue (he likes to stick it out

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The Fryes | Chattanooga Family Photographer

Man. I really love family sessions. As I was editing these photos and laying out this post I am staring at my computer in a room by myself and grinning like an idiot. My family is so important to me

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The Moncriefs | Chattanooga Family Photographer

Jimmy and Brittany are a few days away from adding one to the family, so we went out earlier this week and made some photos to celebrate…and then got some necessary Mexican food. They’re beautiful inside and out and we’re

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Timmy and MaryLynn | Maternity

Well, Timmy and MaryLynn are just days away from being Timmy, MaryLynn and Sydney and I can’t wait to meet her. These pictures have been tucked away on a hard drive for nearly two months now (along with lots of

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Frank and Emily | Chattanooga Maternity Photographer

I love making pictures with friends. It’s even better when my friends are in the process of making friends for my kids. Baby Gideon will be here so soon! I can’t wait to meet him and I know these two

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Jay, Meagan and baby Nora | Chattanooga Family Photographer

I’m cutting it close for time. But hey, it’s a still an hour and a half until midnight. Two years ago today I photographed Jay and Meagan’s beautiful wedding on a warm Fall Saturday. Just a few weeks ago baby

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Chattanooga Family Photographer | Jay + Meagan Maternity

My cousin Jay and his wife Meagan are expecting baby Nora in less than two months! They are so excited to meet her, spoil her and stay up all night giggling with her…or something like that. 😉 They’re going to

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Chattanooga Family Photographer | The Smithsons

Time goes by so fast. When we’re young hours can seem like days, days like weeks, weeks months, and months like years. We think we’ll never be old enough or big enough to do things on our own. There’s something

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Chattanooga Family Photographer | The Keeblers

Amanda and I had such a good time photographing our good friend Steven and his girls. His kids are beautiful and they have surprisingly witty personalities. You don’t get away with saying many dumb things, they’ll let you know. As


The Forehand Kids


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Mattix | First birthday

I made family photos of Matt, Julie, Jaiden and Mattix last fall when Mattix was a brand new little guy. He just turned one so we walked around at Rock City for awhile and shot some pictures, then Mattix destroyed

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