Hi, I'm Kyle.

I'm a family guy. I love marriage. Amanda and I were married in 2006 and we've made a couple of little miracle blondies, Eden and Esme. I've been married long enough now that I can look at my own wedding and appreciate who's in the photos and what's happening and treasure them for the memories and not just how cool we look. Because, let's be honest, the trends of 2006 and what was happening with our hair (really just mine) and the photo editing style is long gone. The memories captured are all that matter. And that's exactly how I approach everything about photographing weddings. Of course I want to create portraits that get all the double taps on Instagram but my focus will always be to document your wedding exactly how I see it unfold that day. Nothing contrived, just real smiles, real laughs and real tears. I'm photographing your wedding for you to feel the happiness of that day as you pour over your photos 40 years from now, not just new profile pics.

chattanooga wedding photographer

Much more info and content coming soon.

Lots of behind the screen construction happening on the site. In the meantime feel free to browse some of the client galleries below and if you want me to photograph you hit the contact page and send me a message!